When it comes to boots, there is no tougher made cowboy boot than Olathe.  With excellent quality and craftsmanship, you won't find a boot that holds up better in the stirrup than Olathe Boots!
Fine Western art is truly a treasure.  You won't find more detailed artwork than a watercolor by Earl Kuhn. With an eye for good horse flesh, no one can capture the definition of a horse better than Earl Kuhn.
There is no way we could do what we do without Purina Mills being a huge part of our program.  We know our horses are getting the absolute best possible nutrition available by feeding Purina!  Thank you for all you do for us and the entire equine industry!

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Better Horses Radio is the absolute best radio show on the air today educating horse owners across the country about their horses. Ernie's 'unbelieveable' personality makes the show fun and entertaining. Join Ernie and Dawn for some great horse talk!!
Since we have added Forco to our feeding program, our horses look better and perform better then they ever have. With all the miles we haul each year and the stress our horses endure on the road, Forco helps 

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I have owned horses my entire life and never thought that fly season could really do damage to my horse. Last summer, my best horse damaged both front legs with splints just from standing around stomping flies. It took that incident for me to understand what fly season really should mean for me. The first time I saw Shoofly Leggins on a horse, I thought, that's unnecessary. I sure don't now!! My horses won't go through another fly season without Shoofly Leggins to protect them.  

There aren't a lot of western stores left any more. Lisa's Western Wear in Pratt, Kansas has some of the finest western apparel and decor that you will find anywhere. They have also got a great selection of ropes and tack. So if you're looking for something western or something for your horse, you can find it at Lisa's!
our horses digestive systems stay on track. If your horse's gut isn't working right, it doesn't matter what feed you use, your horse won't be able to utilize it. Forco can be used with any feed and will help your horse utilize the nutrients he needs. All of our horses use Forco!
Bar Bar A waterers are the simplest, and smartest automatic waterers on the market. They are the best solution to providing your livestock with fresh water, year round. 
We are proud to have C & S Fencing as a partner with us. Their fencing provides us with a very unique way to train our horses. C & S Fencing can provide a safe and very affordable solution to your training program.